Thursday, June 3, 2010

Living the Midwest dream...

**Update from last night, June 3.  Ricky bowled an amazing 197 and Steven bowled an almost perfect 279!!  He only had one spare and the rest were all strikes.  Crazy!

We recently joined a bowling league with my brothers.  We're doing it in honor of our dad...I think there still might be some bowling trophies on the top shelf of his closet.  And we've discovered that Steven is a natural...he has scored as high as 265 or something.  It's pretty impressive.  I'm the worst member of the team...but not far behind Ricky.

Being in the league makes me feel like a good American.

Bowling Nerds!

Check out those scores...we're a team and should be competing against the other teams...but my goal every game is just to beat Ricky. (Note: those scores include our handicaps...we're not actually bowling in the 200's yet.)

Fun times